Astros @ Mariners, 5/27/2024

Altuve 2B
Tucker RF
Alvarez LF
Bregman 3B
Pena SS
Meyers CF
Singleton DH
Abreu 1B
Caratini C

Framber on the mound

A baptism of fire for Abreu?
Few vets would have humbled themselves to go back to the minors.

Framber picks up where he left off and gives up a leadoff double.

Hit hard and took a bad hop on Abreu

Bases jacked for the Mariners with one out.

Sac fly scores one.

Jake saves the game…. For now

Single scores a second run.

Great play by Meyers in the gap, flips the ball to Tucker who gets it back in quick enough to keep the runner from 2B from also scoring

Deep trouble we are in.

Framber shits the bed anyways.


Another single, another run. Now 3-0 Seattle.

I’m about ready to give up on Framber.

Maybe throwing sinkers right down the middle is a bad plan?

How would you know the plan with Framber?

You are late to my party. He is done here for me.

I’m really worried about our ability to hit Seattle’s staff.

Not the greatest start to a big series…

Strike three on Jake was absolutely fucking ridiculous

Framber can go elsewhere and the home plate umpire needs glasses. Strike three to Meyers was Angel Hernandez like.