Astros @ Kansas City, August 18, 2021

Looking better for our chances tonight.

I’m ready for Yuli to break out. He had a couple of good swings last night, even finally hit a ball hard (right into a 3-4-3 double play, I might add). He’s due. We need him. Quit fucking around.


I want to see the Astros treat these last two games against the Royals as if they were playing an elite team. No more Little League base running errors ( McCormick) or fielding mistakes (looking at you Framber and your inability to cover first base). These games count just as much as if you beat the Yankees, Dodgers, Red Sox, Rays, etc.


How many crushable pitches are Astros’ hitters going to take?

Correa looked at one; Yordan two.

Altuve groundout, Brantley walk, Corra FC, Alvarez K on 3 pitches.

Strike 2 was a middle in FB begging to be launched.

They were waiting for that slider off the plate.

Bold strategy, Cotton.

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Seven pitches for Zach. Efficient.

There’s the slider away.

Way away.

Do the Astros want to swing the bat? Just curious.


Better start picking out the FB bc sliders are resulting in outs.

Yuli and every other Astros’ hitter: Stop taking hittable fastballs and swinging at sliders out of the strike zone.

They are looking at the decent/good pitches to hit and swinging at garbage.

Yordan may not be the only one that got the shits from that nasty-ass K.C. barbeque. It’s hard to swing when you’re clenching your butt cheeks.

The Diaz K was the only egregious bad out pitch.

Chas got a FB in a FB count but the pitcher won.

Trainer out to check on Greinke. I think he just wanted a few minutes to let it stop smarting.

Kalas acted like Zack just wanted attention. He’s a fascinating character.

Maybe. Figured he just wanted a minute to walk it off. Or maybe he had a joke he wanted to tell.

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Slider coming your way Jake…

Got the high heater. I’d throw that again