Astros invade Canada, 6/6/22

Dubon leads off with a homer, so Gausman better pack his bags.

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Peña K swinging, and Yordan looking on a very questionable low strike. Then Bregman waves at strike 3 a foot outside.

Mid 1, Astros 1-0

Brown on the hill

Springer grounds 5-3
Bichette K looking on a slider that catches the outside edge
Vlad flies to RF

End 1, Astros 1-0

Julks gets a 2-out line drive single to short and steals second but Jake strikes out.

Gausman with 5 K in 2 IP

Looks safe on replay. Great effort by Dubon none the less.

Getting in car someone take PBP

Yordan gives Dubon a twirl.

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2-run Springer dinger and a solo shot by Varsho has the hummers up 3-1 through 5.

At the stretch it’s still 3-1.

Gausman with 13 K. Basically nobody but Dubon and Julks bothered to show up with a bat.

He’s legit dealing.

Those games we say you just gotta tip your hat to the other team?

This is one of them.

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Baseball is hard. We can never forget that.

Carlos Lee got jobbed on that deal.

Montero 1 pitch, 1 HR allowed

Montero’s agent may need a statue built for him one day. Do they have an agent’s version of Cooperstown?

That should be E9

ETA: And it is

And it allows a run

And the DP brings the game to a quiet end.

Jays win 5-1.

Well. Rat farts.