Astros @ Indians, July 3, 2021

  • Altuve night off
  • Brantley a no go because of right side discomfort (as noted in the TZ)
  • Tucker still dealing with the back spasms
  • Alvarez ofc still on paternity leave
  • Maldonado still on bereavement leave

Poor Jake. Needs a no hitter tonight.

Easily my favorite bizarro lineup of the year.


With this lineup, he may get one. I’m not sure that’s what you mean though.


Dusty Baker may be the dumbest human being alive.


13-5 record w/ 2 games remaining b/f 1st off day since 14 Jun, bet the whole team is ready for a break.

Let’s see what the young guys can do.

Oh boy, fox sports announcers.
Just glad that no talent ass clown/chucklefuck aj pierzynski isn’t calling the game.

Let’s go Astros.

Atta boy, Miles.

Nice Altuve impression by Straw

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Thought for sure that would be three.


Bad read by Straw

and then he held up on a ground ball to the right?

Very bad. Should have scored easily.

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It was more of a line drive, but he didn’t know where the fielder was.

ah ok, I only caught a glance of it.

No, that was a line drive. He took a step back to make it go through. Fundamental 101. The base coach held him up.



Hudson, you have played too much baseball to say stuff like that.

Correa gotta drive a run in here