Astros @ Indians, July 2, 2021

Astros go quietly in the first…Indians with two on, two out…

Second walk of the inning loads the bases


Lance loses so many FBs with arm side runout.

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But he’s got great movement!

LMJ strikes out the side in between loading the bases

No score after one.

80 pitches, but the Astros didn’t surrender a run!

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Just another ho-hum ~30 pitch inning early in the game for our rotation.

Lance must drive Strom nuts.

Correa managed to strike out with no strikes thrown. Pretty impressive.

Toro draws a four pitch walk, Astros first base runner

That’s now 10 straight pitches out of the zone to start this inning

11th straight is a passed ball, Toro to 2B

On the road, at least

Hentges is missing everything. He may have thrown one strike this inning, and it was borderline.

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McCormick doubles to RCF on the 12 straight pitch out of the zone…Toro scores

Jones with a bloop double just over the first baseman…McCormick scores

You could do a lot worse for a 4th OF than Chas


“Bloop double.” Not two words that exactly go together.

Take that, lineup critics.

Straw had one last night, and his was even more improbable.