Astros @ Guardians, 8/4/22

Exciting defense

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Yes, the first one was Dubon.

JV with his 15th W.

Contributions from bottom of the order.

Pen looked good in 7th, 8th, 9th.

Let’s do it again tmw. With fewer collisions.


The Chas Machete show.

All that running around Chas could probably use a day off tomorrow


I swear to god center field was inhabited by Trappists.

Do they take vows of silence?

He’ll get one. Myers will play. Mancini will PH.

Throwing darts would get better lineups.

No, not exactly, but the saying goes that they’re too busy talking to God to talk to others. They’re the closest order to a vow of silence I reckon.

ETA. They’re contemplative, apparently just like our center field.

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and they brew great beer

Good lineup 8/5.

Damn. Come on, Dusty. Tucker says he can play.