Astros @ Guardians, 6/09/2023

In the top of the first, Dubon doubled, Bregman singled and Jose Abreu hit a 3-run homer to RF. 3-0 Astros.

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Javier allowed a double, but no Guardians scored in the bottom of the first.

Top 2

Pena doubles to the LF corner


Walks. Runners on 1B and 2B


Sac bunt, both runners advance


Grounds out 4-3, Pena scores, Diaz to 3B. 4-0 Astros.

Altuve grounds to 3B, inning over.

Great to see Abreu bounce back from last night like that. Less great against one of my starters in the Mihoba league. But I’ll take that trade.

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Bottom 2


Hits a sinking liner to LF; Dubon with a nice play. 1 out.

“Take that, Talk Zone.”


What a catch by the Guardians RF

As a fan and a manager, I thank you.

Not very gold glove like

Comparing Abreu to Carlos Gomez is reprehensible, and I have seen it here two consecutive days. Abreu is a high character, stand up guy who takes responsibility for his failures with no excuses. Gomez was none of those things. I enjoyed Abreu’s “take that, you doubters,” 3-run homer today.

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I was in a restaurant with my parents watching on a nearby TV and I couldn’t see how many outs there were with Dubon on 3B and Bregman on 1B. I thought Dusty had lost his mind and was batting Abreu third in Alvarez’s absence. I said as much and on the next pitch, he lined the homer to RF.

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“Reprehensible” is a touch strong. And Gomez took responsibility for his failure too, as I recall.

Javier strikes out Zunino to end the 4th inning. 4-1 Astros after four innings.

Whatever, my man. I do not think so.

Top 5


Doubles down the LF line


Doubles off the LF wall. Altuve scores. 5-1 Astros.


Flies out to LF. Bregman holds at 2B.


Grounds out to 2B. Bregman to 3B.


Grounds out to 3B. Inning over.

I think you are drawing on his general and deserved reputation as a red ass and attaching that to his struggles in Houston. But I vividly remember him very depressively taking all the blame for one loss and I don’t remember him casting blame about in a low character way. Obviously I could be wrong, and wouldn’t be terribly surprised if I were.

Abreu crushed a ball that had home run distance foul down the LF line during his at bat, too.

If you think Abreu is a good comparison to Gomez, I won’t discuss it with you again. I supported the trade at the time because of Gomez’ past hitting success, but he became a player who I think was an embarrassment to the team. Red ass? Don’t know. But he was a “look at me” showboat player, imo. All of that, and we lost Hader and got Fiers.

Javier served that one up

Come on, Javier. Put up zeroes.