Astros @ Fucksticks, April 6, 2024

How about it?

Tucker with a 2-out single, so at least the Astros won’t be no-hit.

Bregman follows with a single, two on, two out for Diaz

Diaz grounds out 5-3

Astros strand a pair in the first. No score.

I was about ready for Diaz to give us an early lead there.

Some good swings that first inning. That’s encouraging

2-out single for the Rangers

France gets Garcia on strikes. No score after one full inning.

Astros go 1-2-3 in the second.

Abreu is sooooo late on everything

Carter with a leadoff double

1-0 Rangers

I’m not sure if I can watch this shit again.

I’m not a betting man, and I don’t make predictions about baseball. But if I were, I’d have a hard time not betting on the Rangers to win the AL again this year. Pretty handily.

Purdue v NCST isn’t exactly a thrilling game, but it’s a hell of a lot better than this.

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End of two…1-0 Rangers a

No shit, I might have to go to Wrestlemania. At there the outcomes don’t seem so predetermined. Eh? Oh.

Blue has no idea where the top of the zone is

Or the bottom for that matter

Altuve baserunning again