Astros @ Dodgers, September 13, 2020

Graterol mowes down the Astros in the first.

Dodgers get a 2-out home run.

1-0 Dodgers.

Tennis is still on?!?!? And people complain baseball takes a long time.

That was an awesome match though. I thought Thiem wasn’t going to be able to stand up there at the end.

I love tennis.

Is the game on an alternate channel?

It’s on ESPN2, the Deuce.

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That’s something like 3 more walks this season for Machete than last season.

I need a little less Myles Straw in my life.

Your gonna get at least 7 more innings of him tonight.


He run fast tho!

That song’s probably the worst advice that generation ever got.

Ted Barrett is behind the plate tonight, and the ESPN broadcast just offered that 1.) he used to be an amateur boxer and 2.) he speaks perfect Spanish.

Shame he’s a mediocre umpire at best.

Also, the Dodger sound system is absurdly loud for no reason.

A 47-hop slow rolling shiftfuck single, followed by a bunt single has two Dodgers aboard. Neither one hit more than 16 mph off the bat.

Someone should let Straw know that bunting for a hit is a way to get on base.

2 hits, either of which could have been rolled just as fast by a six year old.

Greinke with a spectacular stretch on the 3-6-1 double play turn!

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Joc Pederson is “The Peen II”. What a fucking tool.

Bregs with a 2-out double

Joc Peterson can kiss the fattest part of my ass. Fuck him.

Alex looks a little slimmer than last season.