Astros @ Dodgers, 6/24/2023

6:10 PM on Fox

Altuve 2B
Bregman 3B
Tucker RF
Abreu 1B
Diaz C
Pena SS
Madris DH
Julks LF
Meyers CF


You know what…fuck the Dodgers.

Worrell button engaged.

Fuck the Dodgers and their idiot fans.

The hundreds of fans who bothered to make the start of the game are really letting Altuve hear it.


Holy shit, Julks! Get some!

Good catch, Corey!


Nice play by Abreu too.

Well that didn’t take long

On a fucking tee

Sure not fooling them

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Blanco isn’t fooling anyone right now….

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Good night.

Glad I bought a handle of Wild Turkey this afternoon

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Yeah, unfortunately, this lineup isn’t scoring 4 runs.

Excuse me sir, would right down the middle be ok for you ?

At least I’ll be out of misery by midnight. If the Astros can somehow hold them to 39 runs.

Hey AirBNB… a “Yellow Submarine” ad? Read the room.

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Blanco, both Abreu’s, and Yordan look like they could do a lot of damage in a scrum.