Astros @ Detroit, June 25, 2021

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The weather forecast looks pretty rainy for the whole weekend.

Are split doubleheaders still 7 innings?

Yes I believe so


What a load of shit. I’m tired of being pissed off.


Why 7 innings? It’s unnecessary.

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Well they might go into extra innings, and then we get phantom runners!

As much as we blame Manfred for this, both the players and managers pushed for the 7-inning double headers and the ghost runner. Most baseball people love both of these ideas.

Most baseball people also think changing the last syllable of someone’s name to -er or -y is a clever nickname.

These aren’t bright folks with big ideas.


So Blummer and Baggy are not to be trusted?

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You want the real answer or the one everyone wants to hear so they don’t have to question their opinions?

I like living in the matrix, so hush.

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If they like ghost runners, no.


Astros waste first and third nobody out in the first when Yuli and Yordan strike out.

Lots of LOB in the game we saw.

Reds ballpark is very nice.

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