Astros @ DBacks, August 5, 2020

Keep the line moving…


Springer hammers the first pitch 500 ft just foul…takes strike two, then swings and misses at the letters


Altuve, first pitch…flies out F8 at the wall in the deepest part of the park


Bregman doubles down the LF line

George looked like he was sitting on that fastball for the entire day.

Damn. Yulu smoked that ball.


Gurriel lines out to deep CF

Four balls scalded, not much to show.

No score

Bad luck. Hard hit balls.

Everyone had good swings. Keep hitting it hard.

I just had a flashback to Alvarez in game 7.

Does Lance’s new hairdo mean he’s stopped being a hipster?


Mature grounds out 4-3

Beauty, Carlos.

Carlos with the D!


Calhoun smacks one up the middle, Correa in the shift dives behind 2B and throws him out easily.

Put a blue star next to that one!


Marte grounds out 5-3

No score

Yes. Fatherhood changes a man.

He’s moved into redneck daddy territory.

Nifty play by Bregman too.

It’s a gappah!!*

*I like doubles!


Correa Doubles to RCF…thought about 3B, and probably would have made it, but put the breaks on with one out