Astros @ DBacks, April 13, 2022

Astros put the first two batters on base, but Bregman GIDP to kill the opportunity. No score

Not to mention Bregman took a 0-1 fastball right down the fucking middle.

Let me know when they figure out how to turn Altuve’s single into an error.

Boy, the strike zone just ballooned to Yuli. An iffy breaking ball and then a fastball off the plate both called strikes.

Top 2.
Astros 0
Dbacks 0

Yuli down looking at ball four after some questionable strike calls.

Diaz (playing LF today) quickly down 0-2. Swings over a change he had no chance of making contact with. 2 outs.

Chaz takes a strike at the top of the zone. Cutter on the outside corner, 0-2. Fouls one back. Change in the dirt, 1-2. Swings over a change, strikes out the side.

Mid 2. Tied at nil.

Having to listen to the sweet sounds of Ford and Sparks, but it sounded like a meatball.

It was.

Gameday shows ump squeezing Framber

Or at least not getting calls the DBacks pitcher is getting

Bottom 2
Astros 0
Dbacks 0

Smith takes one at the top of the zone for strike 1. Lines one for a single just over the leaping Bregman who was shifted over in the SS position.

Runner on first and no outs for McCarthy. Squares then pulls back on a ball that was the same pitch Yuli punched out on. Just up, 2-0. Up again, 3-0. Framber at 28 pitches already. Ball 4, up as well. 3rd walk of the game for Framber.

Runners on first and second and nobody out for Yonny Hernandez. Squares to bunt and fouls it back, 0-1. Squares again, takes a curveball outside, not close. 1-1, squares and takes a pitch that caught the entire top corner of the zone and was called a ball. Fucking brutal. 2-1, Fouls back another bunt. 2-2. Smashed a curveball foul toward the first base dugout. Still 2-2. Barely gets a piece of a curveball, still 2-2. Curve topped off the plate, Bregman fields but only has a play at first, 5-3.

1 out, runners on 2nd and 3rd for Perdomo. Takes a curve for a strike. Swings over a divebombing curve, 0-2. THE WHIFF, swings over a filthy curve right under the zone, 2 outs.

2 outs, runners on 2nd and 3rd for Cooper Hummel, the leadoff hitter and only player with a whiter name that Chaz McCormick. Ball one, low. Ball 2, high. Both fastballs. Fastball up again. Framber has no feel for his FB at all. 42 pitches in with 2 outs in the 2nd. 3-0 not even close, up high. Fucking Framber.

Ump doing Framber no favors, but he can’t spot the FB for nothing.

Bases drunk and 2 outs for Ketel Marte, who sounds like liquor made specifically for Mexican Martinis. Pitching coach out to tell Framber to stop sucking.

Marte apparently mashes lefties. HUGE swing and fouls off a curveball low in the zone, 0-1. Fouls off another well located curve right in on his hands, 0-2. Takes a bouncing curve, Machete loses it for a sec but it didn’t go far. 1-2.

And now we’re apparently looking to see if it hit Marte’s foot. Hard to tell if it hit him or not in the initial replay.


Hit by 0-2 pitch, with 2 out and bases loaded.

After review, HBP. Marte takes first, forces in a run.

1-0 Diamondbacks as Framber continues to dribbly shit himself this inning.

Not sure how that was conclusive evidence but whatever. Framber best get his shit together.

Peralta up with the bases loaded and a run in, 2 outs.

Takes ball one low. Fastball down the pipe, 1-1. Another chopper off the plate, Pena fields behind second and fires to first, 6-3.

End 2
Astros 0
Diamondbacks 1

broken bat bloop…walk, walk, hbp. Way to stomp your dick, Framber.

The broadcast team didn’t do much to show angles. One bad angle then discuss it.

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It very plainly caromed off of Marte’s toe.

Everyone knows that, what my post presupposes is, “Maybe it didn’t?”

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