Astros Cocoa Beach Spring Training

Does the old Astros Cocoa Beach Training site still have any Astros signage on the property?
I would like to maybe buy some of the Cocoa Beach souvenirs or anything with the Astros Cocoa Beach Spring Training logos , etc.
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The Expos took over that complex after the Astros moved to Kissimmee. That was many years ago. Now the Expos are the Nationals and currently share a facility with the Astros. I wonder if that Coco Beach facility even exists anymore.

It hasn’t had a spring training tenant since the Marlins in 1993, and it underwent a $40 million renovation a few years ago. Highly unlikely any signage remains from almost 40 years ago.

I was obviously confusing Cocoa Beach with Viera (which is close by) regarding the place where the Expos played.

When the Astros moved to Kissimmee, Brevard County turned the property into a fair grounds.

Within weeks there was no sign that the Astros were ever there.

I do not have any idea what happened to any of the fixtures or items marked “Astros”

It was over 35 years ago and is a different world.

I’m sure if it was happening now that stuff would be pasted all over the internet for sale.

FYI ( may help you research) the spring training site was actually in Cocoa not Cocoa Beach. They are 2 different cities that actually has Merritt Island between them.

It was west of town right by I-95.

Good luck.

I just saw the post that Waldo included.


I remember now the Clint Hurdle academy being there. Clint graduated from my high school ( Merritt Island High) and always seems like a good guy.

The county DID put a fair grounds there but apparently only used part of the property, leaving some of it for baseball activities


I came across this AMAZING site while researching this.

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