Astros @ Chisox, May 13th 2023

Why is Salazar starting at catcher instead of Diaz?? I mean, if you are not going to play Maldonado, why is the future who has a cannon for an arm not back there getting reps???

If you’re gonna have him on the roster, you gotta play him at some point


This HPU giveth and taketh.

Hold it together, Brandon.

Catch the goddamn ball

Yeah, that should’ve been gloved dammit

Whew! No score through 2.

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Home plate has never seen a ball

If HH doesn’t show up soon I’m going to start posting random baseball memes

Hold it together, dude.


If that is the kind of defense we are going to get from Abreu at first, his ass MUST hit the ball and drive in runs. Otherwise, his signing was…well….

That was a HUGE double play started by Bielak!!!

Bielak was all “Fuck you, Jobu, I’ll do it myself!”

Geez, Peña, that was pretty terrible.


Instant reply of his home run yesterday.

Ouch. Hang it and bang it. Now we’ll have to score twice.

Cease is shutting the Astros out, but something seems off for him compared to his first start.

He wants to walk people, but we refuse to cooperate.

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Big spot here for Bielak. Second and third with 2 outs, Vaughn up.

The pitch Benintendi hit was a good pitch.