Astros @ Cards, 6/29/23

Good things are happening early.

Adam Wainwright has to be 43 years old, right?

Astro up 1-0…bases loaded, two out for Tucker…full count…

2-run single!


42 in another month.

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Fuck yeah! Abreu raking!


Abreu…3-0…double to LF…

5-0 Astros!

Abreu ripped that fucker!

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Diaz with a double!


Edmund almost made a circus catch there, too.

And that’s it for Wainwright .

Diaz ripped that fucker!

Wainwright is 13-1 in his career against the Astros.

It won’t become 14-1.

Edmonds? Too soon.

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Almost a great catch

I am glad I popped the game on on my phone on the way to the airport.

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Korey Lee is gone, I think. We’ll see, but I do not think the Astros will keep both Diaz and Lee even if Machete is not signed again.

No, Edmonds made everything a circus catch.

105mph off the bat.

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Edmonds v Ausmus.

Too soon.

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This is the Abreu the Astros thought they were getting when they signed him. Nice to see him righting the ship.

And Diaz just continues to impress.