Astros @ Cardinals, March 18th

Game one of Spring Training. I will be watching but listening along to hopefully an Astros radio broadcast. If Astros, how long until Robert Ford uses his “mid-season form already” quip? I give it to the end of the first inning.


Also encouraging…


Cory Julks had an RBI double off Adam Wainwright in the top of the 2nd.

I lost my Robert Ford bet against myself.

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Arenado singles in two with two outs after JP France walks the bases loaded. 2-1 Cards here in the fourth.

France out after giving up a two-run bomb to Knizer with two outs in the fourth. Someone else comes on and gets the last out.

France’s four earnies all allowed with two outs.

A “Daniels” drives in Grae Kessinger (whose baserunning deeply impressed Steve Sparks) with a sac fly to cut the deficit by one. 4-2 redbirds going to the bottom of the fifth.

Is there an A squad playing someplace else?


McTaggart just speculated the “big boys” might show up middle of next week. Meanwhile Verlander did look very sharp through the top two.

There were at least some of the St Louis names playing.

Yeah, they started pretty much their opening day lineup. Home team and all that.

That‘ll do it, folks. AAAstros drop a road tilt to kick things off.

Also I don’t think Ford used his “mid-season form” quip today. Applying the apocryphally Doyle’ian maxim that, once you’ve eliminated the impossible, the only thing remaining, no matter how improbable, must be the truth, I can only assume he lurks on this forum.