Astros @ Bronx Bastards, May 7, 2024

We owe those assholes. Let’s go, JV!


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Ok, JV. There’s your run. Make it stand up.

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Middle of one…1-0 Astros

Soto with a 1-out shiftfuck single

Walk to judge

Well, that lead didn’t last long

3-1 Yankees

Son of a bitch.

Another game over in the first inning.

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What time does the Stars game begin?

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Another walk

Verlander just a train wreck.

That was a useless graphic

Inning finally ends on a great play by Altuve

3-1 Yankees

The lead was fun while it lasted.

Sometime after 830.

Whenever the Astros would like to flip the switch and start playing the good baseball they expect to play, it would be appreciated.

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Not so much.

Good patience by Singleton.

Bergman is batting an even.200. What the ever loving fuck is he doing batting cleanup? I’m starting to think Eapada is really an idiot.

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I wonder how much independence he has on the lineup.