Astros @ Braves, August 20 2022

No score bottom 2.

Javier pitching.

Strider for Atlanta. Rocket arm.

Rosario had a 2 out but Grissom lined out to left.

No score thru 2.

Both pitchers look good.

Smoltz has gone full-blown “back when we had…”

Strider is impressive.

Braves have gotten some good swings.

Grossman narrowly missed getting a HR before he K’d.

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Acuña F8 on the track.

No score thru 3.

1 baserunner.

Hah! The old marmot ball!

Tucker beats the throw on a 20 footer.

But that’s it.

Goddammit Pena


Javier works thru a 2 out error.

Still no score.

ETA: walk, SB, a couple of pop ups, SB, E6, SB, K

Whew indeed.


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Let’s go!

Get Some

Son of Geronimo!

Back to back walks after the homer. 2 on, 2 out for Altuve

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I’d like Altuve to get a hit.

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He really didn’t need to swing at that 1st pitch

I concur!

At least he didn’t swing at the second one