Astros @ Braves, April 23, 2023

Cristian Javier will lead the boys in pursuit of a series sweep.

And it’s 50 fucking degrees at my house.

And I’m drinking a Third Man (Mike S has created a monster) and smoking a Drew Estate Undercrown maduro.


Ready for Hensley to get going. He may be the odd man out when Brantley comes back if he doesn’t.

Nothing for the Astros in the first. No score

It’ll have to be an outfielder. They’re not going to have a roster with only four infielders.

Leadoff walk who steals 2B, then moves to 3B on a shallow popup to RF as Tucker plays it lazy as fuck. Jeez.

Fly ball ends it as Javier works around the leadoff walk. No score after one.

Javier struck out Acuna on pitch 4…lead to a walk. Should have been 2 strikeouts that inning.

Abreu slaps a single to LF to leadoff the Astros’ second

Woo Astros in business

Tucker with a squibber to 3B, beats it out, two on for Peña…

Peña grounds into 5U-3 double play…Tucker to 2B. The only worse outcome would have been grounding into a triple play.

Astros out of business.

Astros challenging play at 1B…it’s close, but he’s out…yep, call stands, Astros now without a challenge the rest of the way.

Strike 1 on Hensley wayyy low ump

Tucker’s not going to win any sliding contests.

Too bad that throw over on Tuckers steal didn’t get away.

Fried missing his spots badly…but Hensley refuses to take a walk.


Hensley takes strike one in the dirt in the other batters box…holy hell that was bad…0-2…Tucker takes 3B without a pitch…Hensley works the count full…and swings and misses at a pitch that behind him. Ugly

Astros go thud…no score.

Hensley saw six pitches, only one was within a foot of the strike zone.