Astros @ Blue Jays, May 1, 2022

May Day!

One run ain’t gonna get it done. Let’s swing the fucking bats.

To my eyes, the only color scheme worse than powder-blue is yellow and brown.


Astros go down meekly on 8 pitches

The worst is anything rainbow striped. But the powder blue is second. I think the Padres brown and yellow look far better than any of these powder blue suits.

Framber walks the first guy he faces. Awesome.

4U-3 double play ends the inning. No score after one.


Alvarez strikes out swinging
Gurriel strikes out looking
Tucker singles to RF
Tucker steals 2B
Goodrum strikes out swinging at a pitch that bounces

No score

Can anyone explain to me what Goodrum brings to the table?

Defense at a number of positions. Certainly not his bat. He is a utility player, and why Baker plays him so much baffles me.

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Gurriel, the Younger grounds out 5-3
Chapman grounds out 3U
Kirk strikes out swinging

No score through two

I guess this is it. I understand you need utility guys, but he’s on pace for 300 at bats. That’s just too many. Hopefully when Altuve returns he’ll see fewer.

He got a hit this week.

What more do you want?


Peña strikes out swinging
Maldonado flies out F8
McCormick strikes out swinging

No score

So what pitchers did the Astros move off the roster today?

Agree. He plays too much. Altuve is out, and Baker is obsessive about resting.


Espinal grounds out 6-3
Capra grounds out 5-3
Zimmer bounces out 1-3

Another good inning from Framber. No score.


Brantley flies out F4
Diaz grounds to SS…right through the wicket…E6
Alvarez strikes out swinging
Gurriel…0-2…strikes out swinging

That’s seven strikeouts through the first four innings.

No score

Is it just me or does Gausman not stop at all in the stretch?

I never saw a pause

Well for one thing, Dusty is doing him no favors by playing him against right handers, he’s much better against lefties