Astros @ Blue Jays, April 30, 2022

After 2 BJs lead 1-0.

Those Canadians cry yard on every flyball hit to the outfield.

The Springer leadoff HR was one of the least surprising events of the last week.

He is starting to develop knack for that.

Just homered again. Springer 2 Astros 0

How can you do that with a mouthfull of french fries and gravy?

Good lord, how far did that Yordan shot go?

Yordan sends one to the Flight Deck to cut the lead in half.

447 feet.

Well that was a shit bunt. Didn’t like that move when you’re rallying in the 4th innng.



Had a little something going and voluntarily took yourself out of a big inning. Terrible.

Or with a guy that’s really been squaring up the ball.

Or to count on Castro and Siri to drive in the run.

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Yeah, that was just a boneheaded decision on every level. Berrios couldn’t thank him enough.

I could use a double play here.

I wanna see Kirk and La Tortuga in a footrace

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La Tortuga?

Good job by Garcia to regroup there

Willans Astudillo. Twins, I believe.


Welp, I’m going outside.