Astros @ Athletics, May 28, 2023

Javier on the mound, going for the sweep.


1-0 Astros

Only 409’. A pop up by his standards.

Middle of one…1-0 Astros

Well, that lead didn’t last long



That was the visiball

He held it for two pitches.

He gives up one every game, it seems.

He’d better find some first pitch strikes. They’re getting some good swings ahead in the count.

Ok, that’s all they get

1-1 after one

Sure could have been worse

Abreu can’t help but swing at ball 4

Well shit

I really didn’t think that one from Julks was going foul off the bat.

That was a good looking swing.

I like that kid.

2-out walk to the eight hitter, who immediately steals 2B and moves to 3B as Diaz throws it into CF

Slow out of the crouch and a throw nowhere close.

Javier gets out of it, but he’s just not sharp.

We’ve played two…1-1

Chas be hackin…but works a 1-out walk on ball seven