Astros at Yankees, 6/26

Altuve with a lead off homer!

The Yankee fans made daddy angry.


Urquidy gets the Yankees in order

Astros have two strikeouts and Rizzo makes a sliding catch on a Dubon foul

The Yankees’ umpire crew is already doing good work.

Stanton K looking
Donaldson K swinging after a horribly missed “ball”
Torres flies to RF

End 2, 1-0 Astros

“The house that Altuve built.” What a great line. I want that tee shirt.


Jake K
Maldonado easy 5-3
Altuve walks on 3-2
Altuve steals 2b with no throw
Brantley K swinging

HPU out after foul off mask earlier in game

Booth was surprised he stayed in the game after it happened. He was shook up pretty bad.

I’ll give him a break on that blown call

Julia saying she was a senior in 2003 makes me reach for an AARP application

That 2019 no-no made me hope that they would transform Aaron Sanchez

Urquidy gets another 1-2-3

End 3, 1-0 Astros

I think would have, given time to do so but the injury kinda killed that

I do too. He had lots of potential.

Peña don’t care about your shift

4 man outfield vs Pena, what?

2 out lightning!

Bregman just misses a homer down the LF line, turns foul, then strikes out
Tucker drives one to CF but caught just short of the track
Yuli gets an infield single between SS and 3B
Yankees go to a 4 man OF for… Pena?
Pena says “fuck your outfield”, ropes one down the LF line for a double, but Yuli holds at 3b
Dubon bloops one in front of Judge, 2 runs score!
3-0 Astros

Ouch, Jake just missed a hanger
Then gets a 6-4 to end the inning