Astros at Yankees 5/5/21

Happy Cinco de Mayo to those of you who celebrate the notable feat of getting the French military to surrender.

Altuve starts with a first pitch single.

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Playing in the pouring fucking rain.

Fuck the Yankees.


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Another shitty ump.

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Missed 2 calls already

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This weather is shite.

Both teams look like they have zero interest in playing right now.

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Fuck MLB.

Fuck MLB.

Fuck the MLB.

This is fucking insane that they’re forcing this game.

We’ll be incredibly lucky if a pitcher doesn’t blow out a knee in that mud puddle at the front of the mound.


Let it go 5 with NYY ahead THEN we will call it.

Is there such a thing as a bunt?

Castro squared initially and failed miserably.

Looking forward to the Yanks blowing this open in the bottom of the 5th.

That guy batting looks like a human penis.


Garcia put that on a tee for Stanton.

Of course after the hbp puts DJ on

Yankees unwilling to wait until the bottom of the fifth.

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Here comes the rain again

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Wait, that didn’t make sense.

Yes Diaz!

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