Astros at White Sox July 20 2024

Yordans back. Homers in the first


Flexen pitching for the Sox

Altuve - F7

Bregman - P4

Yordan - HR to right

Diaz - E8, ends up at 2B

Singleton - K swinging

Astros up 1-0


Arrighetti pitching

Pham - walks

Sheets - K swinging

Robert - 5-3 FC

Vaughn - F9

1-0 Astros after one


Flexen pitching

Meyers - IF single to short

Pena - L6

Dubon - 1-4-3 DP

1-0 Astros


Arrighetti pitching

Benintendi - single to right

Sosa - F8

Mendick - F9

Lopez - walks

Maldy - K swinging

Still 1-0 Astros


Flexen pitching

McCormick - K looking

Altuve - 6-3

Bregman - single through the 5.5 hole

Alvarez - infield single to 3rd, queued off the end of the bat

Diaz - F9

Still 1-0 Astros

Yordan’s got a 440’ HR and a 40’ single so far.

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Arrighetti pitching

Pham - F7

Sheets - watches strike 3 for ball 3 and then queues the next pitch for an IF single

Robert - P8

Vaughn - 6U

Astros still up 1-0

Meyers with a terrific 10-pitch walk

Followed by a terribly shitty bunt attempt by Pena.

Womp, womp

That inning sucked


Flexen pitching

Singleton - walks

Meyers - walks

Pena - K swinging

Dubon - L8

McCormick - P4

Still 1-0


Arrighetti pitching

Benintendi - walk

Sosa - 6U-3 DP

Mendick - HBP on 0-2, steals 2B

Lopez - F7

Still 1-0 Astros

Astros refuse to get a big hit with runners on.

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If this team could hit with runners on base they would be 10 games over .500

Wow…two innings in a row the Astros put the first two runners on, and neither time were able to advance any of them.

And we’re tied

And now trail

Anyone know anything about the top draft prospects for 2025?

No need to go beyond #5.

And looks like this one is over.