Astros at White Sox, 8/17/22

Good guys versus the pride of Mount Pleasant…

Great lineup. I haven’t been able to say that in a while.

Their defense is interesting


Altuve draws a 4-pitch walk
Gurriel takes strike one, takes strike two, takes strike three
Altuve picked off of 1B, but Sox botch the throw to 2B, Altuve safe…stolen base
Altuve steals 3B
Alvarez…full count…flies out F7 at the wall in LCF, Altuve tags and scores
Bregman grounds out 5-3

1-0 Astros

Nice play Jose!


Pollock grounds out 4-3 on a diving stop by Altuve in the shift
Vaughn…0-2…strikes out swinging
Jiménez walks
Abreu strikes out swinging

1-0 Astros


Tucker…0-2…flies out F7 in foul territory
Mancini pops to shallow LF
Peña…0-2…1-2…grounds out 5-3

1-0 Astros

What’s all this informative PBP? Where’s the name calling?


Do you cantor music man?


Moncada strikes out swinging
Grandal grounds out 6-3
Harrison grounds out 4-3

1-0 Astros

Ok, penis wrinkle.


There’s a nice defensive play by CWS.

No but I’m considering joining the choir


McCormick grounds out 6-3
Maldonado slaps a single to RF, Astros first hit
Altuve grounds into 5-4 FC, Maldonado out at 2B
Gurriel pops out F6

1-0 Astros


Engel strikes out swinging
Gonzalez lines one to RF, Tucker sort of loafs after it and it’s over his glove for a double. Not a good bid on that one by Tucker
Pollock strikes out swinging
Vaughn grounds out 4-3

1-0 Astros

Tucker drove that nicely

There ya go Mancini

Sac flies may not be sexy but they get the job done.

They only need another six more of those or so to make up for the mismanagement by Dusty that is sure to happen in another few innings.

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Nice job Chas.

He was hanging on by a thread in that AB but came thru.