Astros at White Socks, May 14, 2023

Let’s win this one for Mom.

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Dubon singles, Bregman singles…Astros on the corners, nobody out for Yordan…

Yordan with with a double! Dubon scores, Bregman scores, Yordan to 3B on a TE6!

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Tucker with a sac fly! 3-0 Astros

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13 ER in 19 IP? 19 ER in 13 IP? Whatever, I’m much less interested in a Giolito trade right now.

Abreu singles!

Diaz hacking, bounces into 6-4-3 double play on ball seven

But the Astros plate three, lead 3-0

Brown squeezed a bit, 1-out walk

End of one…3-0 Astros

Yeah, pitch 7 was definitely strike 3 on Benitendi

Nice comeback by Hunter there. He seems just a bit jerky today, I hope he smooths things out.

He got squeezed at the top of the zone, but got the calls at the bottom. I like getting low strikes.

Good grief, ump

Strike two to Hensley was in the other batters box

And now Hensley called out on a timer violation.

So Peña’s 3-for-4 yesterday earned him a day off?


HPU is all over the fucking place now

2-out flair single for Burger

End of two…3-0

Maddening. We were making Giolito work and then that and a 2 pitch AB from Maldy and he’s off the hook and in the dugout.