Astros At Tiggers, 9/14/22

King Tuck starts the scoring in the top of the 4th with a solo shot

Very nice dugout interview with McCullers

With one out, Mancini doubles and moves to third on a WP but Vazquez and Chas both strike out.

Just watched the replay and the 3-2 strike call on Chas was very ungood


Mancini hit the snot out of that ball. He deserved more than a double.

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Hensley has a great approach at the plate but the HPU just gave him ball 4


Bregman cashes in with the SF, Altuve to third

2-0 Astros

I don’t understand these words you’re using.

Javier out after 6 IP, 2 H, 0 BB, 0 R

Baez snaps Abreu’s 21.2 IP scoreless streak with a HR to LCF. Hanging slider.

2-1 Astros

I should be allowed rum and cigars in my office.


As should we all

To the 9th…still 2-1 Astros

Chas catches one against the wall to end the 8th

That was almost enough to make you nervous

An extra run or two here would be nice

the 3-0 pitch to Hensley shows at least two ball widths off the plate

That’s a fucking bogus call, Cuzzi.

Half of the plate outside