Astros at Tigers 5/10/24

Altuve and Tucker both walk

But pop up, strikeout and groundout follow. No score

123 for Framber

Fly out and a pair of ground outs

Bregman leads off with a double but surprise surprise he gets stranded

K, 4-3, 4-3

Framber on the bump

1st and 2nd 2 outs
6-3 ends the inning

It seems like Meyers can throw 150 feet max.

Baez sure turned into a bad hitter.

Mize pitching
Altuve 6-3
Tucker F8
Alvarez 4-3

Still no score

Framber pitching

Rogers single through the middle
Ibanez single through the left side 1st and 2nd no outs


Vierling doubles down the line, 2 score

Canha 4-3 on a nice play by Tuve, Vierling moves to 3rd with 1 out
Greene K’s swinging
Torkelson 6-3

2-0 Tigers

The Astros need to start getting the job done with RISP. No excuse for them to have no runs at this point.

Mize pitching

Pena - singles through the middle
Singleton - F9
Bregman - F9
Diaz - P4

Still 2-0 Tigers

I’ll cut Pena a little slack in the first. He got fucked on a call and should have walked and then Mize made a perfect pitch on 3-2. Everyone else, just fucked themselves.

Framber pitching

Perez - single to right
Vilade - 4-6-3 double play
Baez - 5-3

Quick inning for Framber

Still 2-0 Tigers

This is going to be a quick shutout

Mize pitching

Caratini - line drive single to right
Meyers - 5-4-3 on first pitch
Altuve - 5-3

Great work guys

Still 2-0

Framber pitching

Rogers - k swinging
Ibanez - line drive single into left
Vierling - k swinging
Canha - Ibanez steals 2nd, k swinging

Still 2-0 after 5

These two half innings combinded for 8 pitches btw

Mize pitching

Tucker - homerun to right!

Alvarez - sharp single into right
Pens - 1-4-3 double play

Just super