Astros at the A's, tonight

Things happened.

Garcia is pitching, bottom of the 1st

It’s like latter years Milo calling a game.


Chas K’d
Pena lined to 3B
Yordan oppo line single to LF
Alex pops to shallow shallow left caught by an infielder.

3 straight batters Garcia has fallen behind on.

Maldonado is on one knee most of the time. I wonder if he’s feeling creaky.

Man, he should have charged with two wild pitches on that one.

Garcia very wild in 1st.

Machin BB on 5 pitches
Laureano Ks after starting 2-0
Murphy Ks on 3-2
Pinder fly out to CF.

Garcia has crazy filthy stuff. Several swings and misses

What was a that, 45 feet?

Goddammit, Diaz.

Diaz hits a 27 hopper at 4 mph to SS

Andrus throws it low to 2nd

2B makes a desperate weak throw at about 10 mph to first.

Diaz out by 3 steps for the DP.

Tucker BB
Diaz 6-4-3 DP
Matijevic 1b to CF
Meyers Ks

2 innings, 3 runners but nobody past first

At least they have pinned 30 pitches on Montas.

Oh dear god, Julia is throwing the trade shit down

Meaning what, for those of us not able to watch yet?

Garcia is nasty.

Just rando trade speculations…Bell, Castillo, some other guy…

TV booth reporting Garcia was working with PC Murphy between innings.

Able to go 0-2 to Andrus then K him on 2-2 count
K Piscotty on 3 pitches.
K Kemp on 3 pitches.

3 Ks on 11 pitches in the 3rd.

5 Ks on 32 pitches after 2.

Tuesday Twitter they are asking fans to talk possible trades

Maldy scorches a double past 3B.

All Jakes in the organization for Soto

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Maldy double past 3B
Chas 5-3
Pena 5-3
Alvarez 3-0 then intentional walk
Alex lines out to RF on 3-0