Astros at Sawks, 5/18/22

2b Altuve
LF Brantley
3b Diaz
DH Alvarez
1b Gurriel
RF Tucker
CF McCormick
SS Pena
C Maldonado
P Garcia

Altuve battles through 9 pitches, and on the 10 blasts one into the monster seats!

1 batter, 1-0 Astros

Brantley lines one right at the 2b.

Diaz strikes out as Pivetta starts to settle in.

Alvarez drives one to the CF track where Kike makes the catch.

Mid 1, 1-0 Astros.

Bad bounce cost a run

Welp. Maybe not.

Bottom 1:
Leadoff pop to Gurriel
Devers triples as Tucker misplays the carom in the corner
Bogaerts down the left field line, nobody’s snatching that from the stands. 2-1 Boston.
Verdugo with a soft 3u.

After 1, 2-1 Boston.

The kangaroo court will determine if this was a BBG violation.

Top 2:
Yuli pops the 0-2 pitch foul to the catcher
Tucker drives one to the LF wall but Verdugo makes a (small) leaping catch
Chas bounces out for a clean inning

Mid 2, 2-1 Boston

Tucker didn’t misplay that, the ball hit the seam in the padding and took a wonky bounce.

Bot 2:

Story strikes out looking as Garcia dots the outside corner with a FB
Cordero strikes out swinging on an inside slider
Dalbec walks on 3-1
Vasquez strikes out swinging and Machete throws down to finish it.

End 2, 2-1 Boston.

Getting in the car, someone grab PBP.

Someone put a curse on Yuli’s mitt.

Hernandez reaches on a routine ground ball to SS that Yuli just whiffed at the throw, E3. Devers doubles off the LF wall, Hernandez scores

Big punch out of Martinez for the first out

Bogaerts flies out to CF, Devers to 3B

Verdugo grounds out 4-3. But the Sox get an unearned run, and after three lead 3-1

Good to see the Astros are really attacking this fucking scrub who is 1-4 and has an almost 5 ERA.

I’ve only been watching for an inning and change, but I haven’t seen any Astro look even slightly interested in being patient and getting a pitch to drive.

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Jesus Christ, Altuve.

That was awful.

Give Garcia a little help, guys! Good grief!