Astros at Royals 4/11

Stop me if you have heard this before, Astros get two runners on but fail to score

Double play Bregman at work.

Wtf, Dubon

So early for this game to be over

The Astros have many problems right now, and Hunter Brown is one of them.


Wasn’t watching, what did he do?

Tried to nail Garcia at 3B on Witt Jr’s single, allowing Witt to take 2B. He scored on Pasquantino’s single.

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This is all on Brown. He’s throwing batting practice right now.

Brown had to go 5 innings today if it takes him 200 pitches to do it

Not going to happen unless he finds his mechanics right away. Unless you want to see him give up 20 runs.

5 runs on 16 pitches. Fucking hell

Pretty optimistic.

He’s gonna have to wear one today

Brown has been so disappointing this year. He regresses with each outing.

Brown needs to stay in and eat this. Then he needs to go to Sugar Land.


First time he’s ever been efficient.

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He’s going to have to go deeper than he should with how he’s pitching, but there is no way he makes it through five innings at this rate.

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For who? They don’t have anyone else

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They have to get his mechanics right. This Hunter Brown is of no use to them.