Astros at Rockies in Mexico City, 4/27/2024

For those of us wondering if the Astros are indeed a 7-19 team, I guess here’s our test against a 7-19 Rockies team.

Astros with three limp dick outs it the top of the first.

Abreu drops a routine pop up to first, just to show he should stick around for his glove. Altuve backs him up and gets the force at second.


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And Blanco promptly gives up a 2 run shot.

Same shit, different country.

Diaz with a 2 out knock and Cabbage with a gapper to make it 2-1

Two outs, a RISP, and Abreu up.

Gentle Reader, you do not need me to tell you a strikeout occurred.


And while Kalas is going on and on about Quantril not having a strikeout with a runner in scoring position so far this year in 28 PA. Abreu is nothing if not a slump buster

Times like that make me think real time microbets wouldn’t be a bad idea

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Abreu striking out there would be -10000


Yordan killed that ball.

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Yordan with a two out two run blast! 3-2 Astros!


Oppo Taco!!

Man, seeing Alvarez and Tucker go back to back warms my heart.


Blum said something about square feet when talking about altitude and Kalas said dollars instead of people when talking about population.

Mexico City is at an altitude of 7,349 square feet, and has a population of nearly 9 million pesos.


Well, Kalas said dollars, so wouldn’t that mean it has a population of around 190 million pesos?

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End of 4 square kilometers, Astros up 4-2

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Man Kalas shit his pants on that 280-ft can o corn.


Captain Quantrill, indeed.

Captain of what?