Astros at Rockies, April 21

Astros go 1-2-3

Rockies open walk, single, double off Urquidy (pitching in short sleeves in the snow) and it’s already 2-0

Playing in a fucking blizzard.

Fucking stupid.

Got out of it without further bleeding because Story ran into the first out at third.

Bregman walks, and after a Tucker fly to right, YULI TIME! Two run dong makes it 2-2!

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Diaz lines out and Maldonado has his typical weak ground ball to end the inning.

Urquidy is cold garbage thus far.

Two runs are in with runners on first and second and the only out of the inning is a sac bunt by the pitcher.

Hopefully Solomon ready to eat innings

A little bad luck there in the 2nd…the home run was not a bad pitch, just a one-handed swing, the double was a bloop off the end of the bat in a good spot, as was the RBI single. None of them were bad pitches, just the Rockies being fucking offensive studs, as they are known to be.

Kyle Tucker with a web gem to save Urquidy a run.

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The Astros hitting into some bad luck this inning.

Uncle Mike and Chas nearly got to know each other very well.


Thru 5, still 4-2.

Urquidy struck out to end the inning, so 1-3 will get at least 2 more chances.

Really need to keep them at 4.

All right bats, please do something positive.

Tough to watch this team right now under good conditions.

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You know, I used to look forward to Bregman coming up with runners on base. I haven’t felt that way in nearly two years.

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1 out single followed by an errant pickoff throw.


Followed by an rbi double.

This bullpen has been absolute garbage.

Just terrible.