Astros at Red Sox, 8/30/23

Apparently Chas and Yainer are matter and antimatter; put them in the same lineup and everything will explode.

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Made a frito pie for the first time in a long time with some leftover chili gravy I had from enchiladas…holy crap I’d forgotten how salty Fritos are.

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The good news is, that just means you need to add more shredded cheese to balance it out.

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True (and I threw in some diced avocado too, because it needed to be eaten), the issue was compounded by using HEB’s “Mexican Blend” shredded cheese instead of shredding some cheddar. That stuff is great for quick quesadillas and such, but is quite salty.

Astros go quietly in the first

Altuve (on 3-0) and Yordan (2-0) both had middle-middle FBs and didn’t do anything with them

Even the “lightly salted” Fritos seem pretty salty. However, thank you for your sacrifice. Now, let’s get this W.

I didn’t know those existed, I just picked up a small bag at the corner store. Now I know what to do next time.

Chas 1 out base hit.

Uncle Mike double!

Rule book 2B for Brantley puts runners on 2nd/3rd

Singleton rbi groundout.

Peña rbi double 2-0 Astros

Rule book RBI 2B for Pena

Maldy rbi single, out at 2nd. Astros lead 3-0

Bonus: A’s take an early lead.


Blum said save the baseball after Bregman threw out Duvall.

Nice glovework, Framber!

Framber with a Tim Howard impression on that comebacker.