Astros at Rays, 4/25/23

Let’s be goldfish today.

2B Dubon
SS Pena
RF Tucker
3B Bregman
1B Abreu
LF Julks
CF Meyers
DH Hensley
C Maldonado

P Garcia


I hope we get Angry Garcia today.

If we don’t, Garcia will be hitting the showers around the end of the 2nd inning.

I like Peña in the 2-hole. Always have.

Yep, and going strictly by his career splits Peña likes it too.

I’ve always thought it was a good spot for a guy working on approach. Less pressure, focus on good at bats, moving a runner if possible, helping to keep the line moving. It’s a good spot to get a productive out too, which often is huge mentally

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Might want to swing the bat there, Dubon

Holy crap, a blown strike call actually went out way

Peña draws a walk, Tucker with a single…two on, one out for Bregman…

Nice job by Pena to lay off a couple of sliders down and out…then he got a gift on ball 4

Bregman works a full count…walks to load em up for Abreu

No time like the present.

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Abreu…0-2…foul…taps back to the mound into a 1-2 FC


At least it wasn’t a double play?


Julks…pops up

Middle of the order stomps their collective dick, leave the bases loaded

No score.

I’m sure that inning won’t bite us in the ass later.

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Round 2


Julks gun-shy after last night. I think he could have gotten that one without undue risk.

Meyers strikes out swinging
Hensley strikes out looking
Maldonado taps back to the mound.

No score