Astros at Rangers, Labor Day 2023

2b Altuve
SS Pena
DH Alvarez
3b Bregman
RF Tucker
1b Abreu
LF McCormick
C Diaz
CF Dubon

P France

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Dubon in CF again. Pena batting second and Diaz 8th.

I choose violence.


Just happy to see Altuve and Alvarez both in the lineup.


I’m fine with Peña hitting second. In fact, I prefer it. As long as Diaz is hitting somewhere…

Second cleanup.

Very prestigious spot in the lineup.

Or so I was told as a Little Leaguer.

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HPU has missed half the pitches. What a joy this one is shaping up to be.

Holy sweet fuck this ump is a fucking clown.

Astros strand a pair in scoring position in the first. No score.

Not sure why I haven’t noticed it before, but that turf looks terrible.

Oh boy, a lead off walk.

And it’s 2-0 Rangers

Good night.

Leadoff walks are not good, and neither is grooving fastballs to MVP candidates.

After one…2-0 Rangers

Chas with a 1-out double

Diaz caved the fuck up swinging at slop in the dugout.

This Chas kid intrigues me. Maybe play him every few days.

Dubon flies out on ball eight. Astros strand another RISP.

2-0 Rangers

The last 12 pitches Heaney threw were at least a foot off the plate. He never came even close to throwing a strike. Why should he.

Except when a hit wins the game. Can’t take any chances.

The whole gameplan should be make the starters throw pitches to get into the Rangers awful bullpen.