Astros at Rangers, 4/26/22

CF Siri
2b Goodrum
3b Bregman
DH Alvarez
1b Gurriel
RF Tucker
SS Peña
LF McCormack
C Maldonado
P Odorizzi

Goodrum batting second with Odorizzi pitching.


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The Arlington starter’s ERA is 7.59.

Will the Astros get a hit?
If so, will Jake still be the pitcher of record?

Siri and Goodrum hitting first and second? Dusty has lost his mind and/or he’s trying anything to jump start the offense.

Correction: Every sixth game for the next 30 games or so.

Malodorizzi on the mound; release the kracken

Astros uninterested in hitting in the 1st.

6.94 and falling fast.

Odorizzi off to a nice start

A 1-2-3 B1 for Odor-easy.

Golf clap.

Yordan with a double…Garcia was lost

Atta boy, Yordan.

Dammit. Yuli smoked one for an out b

Tucker smokes another line drive right someone.

Passed ball sends Yordan to 3B

Peña with an RBI knock!


Let’s do more of that.

Love that swing in that spot.

Way to capitalize on the mouth-breathers’ mistake.

1-0 Astros