Astros at Pirates, 4/10/23

“If we can win another, that’s called a winning streak”

CF McCormick
3B Bregman
LF Alvarez
1B Abreu
RF Tucker
SS Peña
DH Julks
2B Dubon
C Maldonado

P Valdez

I think you’re in the wrong forum.

Trying to shake things up a bit.

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The red zone has always been for the loading and unloading of passengers. There is no parking in the white zone.

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Love seeing McCormick in there again. Time to just let him play (sorry Jake). And have to tip my hat to Dubon who has earned playing time over Hensley to this point.


Tucker with an RBI and Yordan with his head up his butt

1-0 Astros

Err Yordan

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My high school coach use to say “if you hesitate, stay put. No reason to turn a mess up into a fuck up”

Yep. Once you hesitate, just shut it down. You’re already in scoring position.

Wow, I was just asking myself…self, will Jeremy Peña ever see another fastball. Sure enough, he gets a fastball for a leadoff double.

Of course Pena doubles

The Jake v Chas debate is over.


That’s sort of a karmic rule. When you get thrown out at 3B to end the inning, the next guy leads off with a base hit.

Dubon! En fuego!

I don’t understand a bunt in that situation. This guy is having trouble getting the ball past hitters, and you give him a free out.

He was bunting for a hit. Just wasn’t a very good one.

Maldy settin the line on fire!

Alvarez 2 run single

Huh? How the literal fuck was that a strike to Abreu?

We really should thank the Dodgers every day for wanting Josh Fields