Astros at Orioles September 24, 2022

Framber is getting hammered. 6-6 nobody out bottom of 5.

Peña booted a potential dp ball that led to some unearned runs.

So Framber is sitting at 3ER and 5.1 IP.

I hope the streak ends though.

Now 5.2 IP.

Peña couldn’t get the handle on another dp ball.

Totally bs stat. 6 IP and 3 ER ain’t quality.


Certainly not when it’s 6 R

‘acceptable in most circumstances’ start

Why did Peña come out?

Facial lacerations from sliding head first at home

That’s that.

Still a hell of a stretch of good pitching from Framber.

Now just get dialed in for the postseason.

Part of me doesn’t believe you and a larger part of me says “yeah, that’s about right for this series”

He dragged his face in the slide. It was impress

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I’m watching football, so I’ll have to find the replay later

And of course there’s a “Mariner Finance” sign behind the plate. It’s some sort of cosmic joke.

The Baltimore pitcher just got royally screwed on that pitch. It was way inside the strike zone.

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Man, I thought Hunter was going to make a great play on that. But, of course, because tonight is the night from hell, it didn’t happen.

Mateo finally down on strike 4.

“if you need anymore evidence that things aren’t going the Astros’ way…” – Blum

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And in the meantime, the Red Sox keep rolling over for the Yankees.

What the fuck is this guy arguing about? Hunter Brown was filthy.


Man, I come into this thread looking for some quality OWA griping and I see that everyone is hung over from college football.

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Great job by Brown. It’s very valuable to have him go through such an experience and gain confidence that he can work his way through the situation.