Astros at Orioles. 9/25/22

Dubón plates Vazquez with a SF in the 2nd.

Javier allows his first base runner on a hit in the fifth but erases him on a double play.

End 5, 1-0 Astros

Reed has one funky delivery.

What shit fucking at bat by Tucker

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It looked like he struck out with the bases loaded on ball four and five.


Astros load the bases after 2 out with a Diaz double, Yordan infield single, and Bregman walk.

Tucker goes 3-1 and then Doesn’t check his swing on 2 pitches nowhere close to strikes.

Both pitches were a foot off the plate, and he half ass offered at both.

Pitcher didn’t throw him a single strike

The guy is nowhere close to the zone and the pitch is already moving away on 3-1, why on earth are you even flinching?

Javier faces the minimum through 6 with only 75 pitches.

Naturally, it’s about to start pouring rain.

That’s total crap.

Well, so much for a getaway day.

That Tucker AB was pure trash.

It’s a pity about the rain, because Javier was magnificent.

Don’t screw this up, Stanek.

This game was screwed when Tucker shit his pants in the 6th.

Dubon made a nice catch on Stowers in the 3rd inning.

And Stinky ties it up. Awesome.

Fucking Odor

He admired that one so much he turned it into a single.

Another base hit. Would have given them the lead had Stinky not admired his single.

They’ve basically hammered every ball, we’ve just had fielders blocking a couple.