Astros at Orioles, 9/22/22

Well this night sucked donkey.

I’m sure Yainer is a fine fellow and an upstanding member of the community and so on, but I would’ve DH’d literally anyone else up to and including Maldy maybe even especially Maldy.

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The kid pitched a good game, and I thought it was fun to watch despite the suckery by the Astros.

JV’s always fun as well.

Stuck on 99. Goddammit!

It sucked watching this one. My team was beyond putrid.

If your team’s here, and my team’s here, isn’t it “our” team?

I was fishing and listening to the radio broadcast so i couldn’t see how bad they were but they sounded shitty tonight.

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The Whorioles are definitely a pain in the Astros’ side this year.


The SlackStros are 15-5 in September

I’m beginning to think the Astros might not run the table.