Astros at Orioles, 9/22/22

Altuve out with elbow soreness/scheduled day off.

Pena, Diaz, and Alvarez go down in order.
JV allows a bloop single, cleans it up with a 6-4-3, and gets an F9 to end the inning.
Bregman grounds out on a nice play up the middle, Tucker K swinging
Mancini gets a great standing O as he comes to the plate.
Mancini K looking at a FB down the middle.

Mid 2, 0-0

JV surrenders back to back singles with one out. A dribbler down the 1b line moves the runners up and a single to shallow CF scores both runners.

End 2, 2-0 Orioles.

Strike out looking, strike out swinging, strike out looking

Mid 3, 2-0 Orioles

Orioles and Astros exchange 1-2-3 innings.

Mid 4, 2-0 Orioles.

Verlander just not very sharp tonight.

No, the breaking stuff isn’t snapping and the O’s are spitting on it.

And Bregman takes a fucking 2-0 hanging fastball right down the fucking middle so he can pop up a slider in the dirt.

Take a 2-0 FB.

Weakly fly out on a 2-1 slider.

Not good Alex.

Shame on me for thinking of how good his ABs have been.

What a fucking shit show this offense is tonight.

Through five innings, the Astros with no runners.

Cedric Mullins with an absolutely brain dead play, as he doubles and takes third on a bad throw, but tries to head for home and Bregman delivers the ball to Vazquez with 30 feet to spare.

Shitty defense trumped by shittier baserunning.

Vazquez has been absolutely fucked this game


We should be able to “like” things multiple times.

A baserunner!!

Call time out!

Get the ball!


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Is it my imagination, or do data support less run support for JV when he’s pitching?

I do not think it’s your imagination. Or maybe you and I have similar imaginations.