Astros at Orioles 09-23-2022

Altuve is dumb. Hits a leadoff double but decides to get thrown out trying to stretch it out to a triple. It wasn’t close.

After 2 it is 0 to 0.

Don’t bother fucking running, Altuve

Altuve is a complete idiot and I don’t have the time to come anywhere near listing all the reasons.

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That was terrible, he’s the most frustrating really good player I can recall

If Altuve had Bagwell’s baseball smarts he might be the greatest offensive player we’ve seen in our lifetimes. Instead he’s Nuke Laloosh.

And if Bregman would swing the fucking bat he’d be a HOFer. But he won’t. And is not.

Alvarez channeling his inner Altuve. Pathetic.

And Gurriel hitting fifth is just incomprehensibly stupid.

1-0 Os

I wasn’t expecting Urquidy to pitch a shut out.

He needed to…

The chances of the Astros scoring a run look pretty dim. Scoring two runs?

At least he’s out of whatever funk he was in.

Let’s not get all happy yappy just yet.

Urquidy leaves with two on, one out in the 6th, trailing 1-0. Abreu in

Double steal…Maldy throws to 2B, but both runners safe. Would have been out had Altuve kept the tag on him. Now runners at 2B and 3B, infield has to come in…

Walk loads the bases

Big punch out of Santander for the second out

Bregman with the leather in the shift!

Abreu strands the bases loaded…1-0 Orioles