Astros at Oakland - September 25, 2021

Altuve with a first pitch double but no score after one.

Tucker strikes out on a HBP.

WTF replay?


Ruled it hit the bat. Not reviewable after that.

Horse. Shit.

Nice play by Altuve

Agreed. Kind of like how a few years ago the Indians scored two runs on a ball fouled into their dugout. Not reviewable. Which completely defeats the purpose of replay.

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Nice inning all around. Three well played ground balls.

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Carlos and Marwin are playing Clash of Clans on their ipads.

Astros are simply overmatched by that 92 mph fastball

A ball in play!!!

Pitch 5 to Davis was a strike, Carapazza

Lead off walk to a guy hitting so bad the Rangers released him.

Well, Framber struck him out on 5 pitches.

Freaking Andrus.

Washed up asshole has a 10-game hitting streak against us? How?

Framber wiggled out of it.

Now maybe a few baserunners and go from there?

They’re pitching Yordan inside.


Correa draws a 2-out walk