Astros at Mets 6/29/22

Verlander v. Walker

Jose Altuve DH
Jeremy Peña SS
Yordan Alvarez LF
Alex Bregman 3B
Kyle Tucker RF
Yuli Gurriel 1B
Aledmys Díaz 2B
Jason Castro C
Jake Meyers CF

Altuve fly out deep left
Pena k swinging
Alvarez pop up to 3rd

Verlander not sharp so far.

Nimmo double to center - Jake bad route
Marte pop up shallow center
Lindor ground out to 1st, Nimmo adv to 3rd
Alonso full count, walks on a pitch wayyy up
McNeil ahead 2-0, foul 2-1, foul 2-2, foul, just inside another full count, foul, deep foul right, k swinging on a change up

Runners stranded 1st/3rd, but made JV throw 21 pitches

Bregman 1st pitch infield pop up
Tucker 3-0, foul, ground out
Gurriel double to left
Diaz 0-2, ball, ball, ground out to 3rd

Nice quick inning for JV

Guillorme 0-2, sinking liner to center, Meyers with a diving, rolling catch
Smith 1-2, foul, k looking on a curve
Inciarte Lineout to center on the 1st pitch

As someone with long-term shoulder issues, that dive made me cringe.

Can’t imagine that felt great.


Bagwell is yelling at the TV after watching that play by the 1B

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Castro singles to right
Meyers forces Castro on groundout to 3rd
Altuve pop up to first, let’s it drop, only makes play at 2nd
Peña ground out to 3rd, throw to 2nd for out #3

Nido flyout to right, Tucker makes the catch on the warning track
Nimmo 1-2, ground out to 2nd
Marte flyout to right

7 pitch inning for JV

Holy shit that 3rd out fly ball totally fooled me. I thought that was a second-decker and not a pop to mid right.

Man Tucker did not see those off speed pitches.

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Well that rally died a quick death.

We’ve had a few, but that might have been the worst strike call of the season

Alvarez 2-1, foul, 3-2, foul, walks
Bregman 1-0, singles to left
Tucker 1-1, ball up, foul 2-2, k swinging sigh
Gurriel strike one not close, gidp

Jesus Fucking Christ, strike 1 to Yuli was six inches low AND six inches inside.

Fuck this HPU.


Lindor 2-1, foul, foul, pop up to 3rd
Alonso 0-1, groundout to 3rd on ck swing
McNeil 0-1, foul, k swinging on a slider

JV through 4 on 48 pitches. Get the man some runs!

McNeil was choked up about 10 inches on the bat for strike 3. Haven’t noticed that much in today’s MLB