Astros at Marlins, 8/15/2023

Cristian Javier R
8-2 4.36 ERA

2B Jose Altuve R
3B Alex Bregman R
RF Kyle Tucker L
DH Y. Alvarez L
C Yainer Diaz R
1B J. Singleton L
LF C. McCormick R
SS Jeremy Pena R
CF Jake Meyers R

Johnny Cueto R
0-3 5.33 ERA

DH Jorge Soler R
2B Luis Arraez L
1B Josh Bell S
CF J. Chisholm L
3B Jake Burger R
LF B. De La Cruz R
RF J. Sanchez L
C J. Stallings R
SS Joey Wendle L

Glad Peña is in the lineup after the scare yesterday

I’m glad to see Tucker not batting 2nd.

I’m interested in seeing Diaz catch Javier. Hasn’t he always had Maldy?

I just want to score some fucking runs.


Mostly. Diaz has caught him once (5IP, 1R) and Salazar once (6IP, 1R)

First pitch, Altuve fouls one off his shin. And he’s staying in the game for now.

Altuve with an infield single.

Bregman immediately GIDP

I don’t like double play Bregman.

Tucker with a hit

Even worse than pop up Bregman.


He’s even more annoying than pop-up Bregman.

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Yordan…full up…walks

Two on, two out for Diaz…

Cmon, Diaz! Get us on the board early.

Only saw one pitch in the zone

Diaz hacking…down whiffng at ball five in the dirt

A walk and two hits…nothin

Altuve out. Dubon in.