Astros at Marlins, 8/14/23

2b Altuve
RF Tucker
3b Bregman
DH Alvarez
LF McCormick
1b Singleton
SS Pena
CF Meyers
C Maldonado

P Valdez

Interesting move batting Tucker in the 2 hole.

One way to separate the lefties I guess.

WAY too casual getting on the bag, Altuve.

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Damn bad luck there.

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Top 1:

A;tuve drills a 101 MPH liner off the 3b glove. For some reason they change the hit to an error. (Edit: then they changed it back to a hit.)
Altuve steals second.
Tucker drills one right at the RF. Altuve just jogs back to the bag and the throw almost beats him.
Bregman drills yet another one over the pitcher’s head but it’s speared by the SS who steps on the bag.

Mid 1, 0-0

Nice 1st by Framber

Pretty sure that didn’t hit him, but man, it’s hard to tell.

Tucker 106.9 & Bregs 100.2

Looks extremely weird seeing Yuli in a Marlins jersey.

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Framber with a 1-2-3 first.

Top 2:
Yordan walks on 3-2
Chas gets clipped on the toe, puts runners on 1st and 2nd
Replay should overturn that, and does
Chas lines a single to left field, and now runners really are on 1st and 2nd, nobody out
Singleton skies one to mid CF, runners hold
Pena strokes a single through the right side, loading the bases
Meyers strikes out on a breaking ball in the dirt. Brutal.
Mandy gets a hanger but whips it foul. Then he gets sawed off and pops to SS.

Astros leave the bases loaded and I want to puke.

What an absolute embarrassment of an at bat Meyers had. Got an absolutely pus filled 91 MPH fastball down the pipe and swung a mile behind it.


Per Gameday, only 3 Fastballs thrown in 2nd; Framber threw 1 in 1st.
38 pitches thru 2.

Man. When Josh Bell swings and misses he really misses the fuck out of it.

That last swing was definitely something. A solid 3 feet off the ball.

Strike 2 too. Impressive. Chris Carter level air there.

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7 years as an Astro for Yuli. That’s crazy.

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Bot 2:

Bell strikes out on 3 pitches.
Burger strikes out on 5 pitches.
Yuri flies to LF on 0-2.

Framber thru 2 with only 21 pitches.

Framber’s curve is really breaking tonight.

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Te amo, Yuli.