Astros at Mariners, May 28, 2022

Altuve singles to LF
Brantley Ks
Bregman singles to SS
Alvarez Ks
Gurriel flies out to LF

Winker walks
France flies out
Rodriguez grounds into fielders choice- Winker out at 2nd
Rodriguez steals 2nd.
Crawford ground ball single to right.
Suarez singles
Frazier Ks to end it.

Mariners 1-0 after 1.

Tucker pops to 3B in shallow LF
Pena flies to LF
McCormick flies to RF

Lewis leads off 2nd with HR.
Trammell foul out to 3B
Raleigh doubles off of Yuli’s arm
Winker singles past Altuve- Raleigh scores
France flies to CF
Rodriguez ground rule double to LF
Crawford walks - bases loaded
Suarez fouls to 1B

After 2 Mariners 3-0

Feels like Mariners 10-0

2 RBI ground ball singles were just out of Altuve’s reach.

Castro grounds to SS
Altuve HBP
Brantley lines out to CF
Bregman singles to LF. Altuve to 2B.
Alvarez grounds to SS. Alex out at 2B

Frazier doubles to L/CF gap.
Lewis lazy liner dropped by Pena E6
Trammell flies to RF
Raleigh Ks
Winker Ks looking.

Mariners 10 base runners in 3 innings.

Urquidy 66 pitches.

Mariners 3-0.

Gurriel lines to 1B
Tucker grounds a single to RF
Pena flies to RF
McCormick grounds out to SS.

France singles to LF

Rodriguez singles to LF gets by Yordan. Runners to 2B and 3B. 1B + E7

Crawford lines out to Altuve.

Suarez SF to LF. France scores, Rodriguez to 3B.

Frazier grounds out to 3B

Mariners have 9 hits and 12 base runners in 4 innings.

After 4. Mariners 4-0